• We love English. We feel it, we live it...

We love English. We feel it, we live it and we see it everywhere


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I love English since I was a kid <3

When I was a kid, i used to consider english music as perfect.. Much has changed since then, music has changed as well, but I still keep on thinking that British music and culture are, to say the least, inspiring and unique

English is not only a different sound and words. It`s a different mindset, a different perspective and a different way to experience life. Once you understand this language, you will see and notice that your life gets more practical, your way to express ideas is easier and you can access to more information online, among many other benefits that you can get from learning English

Nobody ever said that this was going to be one hundred percent easy, but I can guarantee that, if you really want to learn this language, and you are passionate about it, I can give you the tools so you can drive it in a short term and without a big effort

My Philosophy (in all learning and training aspects) is that the first rule for someone to really learn about something, is to take it in a playful way, that means that if you connect the things you love and enjoy the most, with English in this case, you will absorb everything related to it in a natural fluent way, and you will enjoy it on the run

Please feel free to ask anything you need to know about method teaching, prices and plans and go after your goals!


















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